Past-Life Regression (PLR) & Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Practitioner (QHHT)® & Spiritual Wellness Proponent

Swati is a certified Level 2 QHHT® Practitioner, in the Dolores Cannon method. She runs this metaphysical practice from her Douglas studio in the beautiful Isle of Man.

Since QHHT® requires in-person appointments, she conducts personal, one-on-one sessions with her clients through a booking system on her website.

Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Arts and MBA in marketing communications, Swati has a professional background in corporate communications and CSR.

She was running her own company collaborating with leading Fortune 500 companies in India, till she started paying attention to her spiritual calling since childhood. Her deep interest in sacred knowledge and reincarnation made her go on a decade long journey of research and revelations of spiritual masters and ‘mystery schools’ in India.

All her holidays at work were taken up for expanding her consciousness through these travels, which helped her immensely in waking up to her true purpose and mission.

Her purpose has materialized in becoming a QHHT Practitioner where she takes individuals on an amazing journey of accessing their past lives and meeting their own ‘higher-self’ or ‘oversoul’.

This ‘higher-self’ (everybody has one) has unlimited knowledge and an unlimited ability to heal the physical body, answer questions around the person’s present life and reveal their true-life purpose.

Swati’s experience with multi-national companies has thus far been extremely fulfilling and she is now comfortably settled in her new ‘avatar’ as a QHHT Practitioner and spiritual wellness proponent.

She now considers it her life mission to help deliver holistic wellness for both, select individuals as well as private and corporate groups. Her guided, deeply relaxing sessions shine the light on an individual’s current circumstances and show the way forward.

You can experience her gentle and expertly guided practise, by booking her confidential QHHT sessions or by attending her wellness workshops across the island.