Healing questions

After the Past-life regression, it’s time to call in your higher-self (what Dolores called the subconscious or the SC) and ask the questions listed down by you one-by-one. Swati will ask for permission to speak to your SC and it starts from there.

Everyone’s SC has a personality of their own (just like we all have our physical personalities, SC’s have them too!)- some are gentle and soft while others could be bold and emphatic, some even have a sense of humour and could be light-hearted and funny talking about you. There could also be some who are extremely serious and want the message delivered to you in a way that makes it very important to follow.

Either way, tapping into your SC opens you up to divine wisdom which has ALL the knowledge and information you need. To address your immediate questions and concerns for this lifetime or to get the deepest answers of your existence. It’s ALL in there.

Visit the ‘Preparing for your session’ page to know the kind of questions you can ask.

QHHT Healing

After the questions and answers session with the Higher-self/SC you move to healing yourself. This ‘natural healing’ is the most amazing part of the session.

Swati will ask for a full ‘Bodyscan’ (done by your SC, applying focus on each part of the body) looking for areas that need energetic adjustments and healing. This is to bring these parts back into balance and harmony with the rest of the body. During this time, Swati will also bring up the health concerns you have highlighted to her during your interview, if there are any. She would ask the SC if it is suitable for healing to occur, which, if it is, is done instantaneously without any pain, medication or surgery.

The only condition for healing is that you should be open and ready to receive the healing and it should not interfere with your goals and lessons for this lifetime. The SC will not heal the body if it feels you have not learnt self-love and respect for your body or if it feels the experience of the pain is meant to teach you a life lesson. It is amazing to see this profound wisdom of how your ‘all-knowing’ SC/higher-self knows exactly what to do and when. Swati has had experiences of clients healing themselves with white light, heat and focus and each time the SC knows exactly where to go and what to do. It even tells her of how it’s going about tending to the body parts that need attention!

There are no guarantees of receiving healing from your SC, it’ll only happen if it’s meant to. In fact, sometimes even just knowing about why you have a certain health condition (you find that out in your Past-life regression), removes that illness/disease/pain for good! Possibly because it has solved it’s purpose long back and now what remains is just it’s memory in the cells. Are you now beginning to understand how this works?