How a QHHT Session Works

The Interview

Time- Approx. 2 hrs

It starts with an informal, free-wheeling conversation between you & Swati about your life and circumstances till now. This confidential dialogue is important to understand your journey and where you are now on your life path.

Talking about your life’s major events, relationships, career choices, health issues etc. helps the Practitioner (Swati) lead the session efficiently and with greater confidence and clarity. You never know which little detail could turn out to be significant for your session, therefore the more transparent you are, the better your session will be.

Of course, all that you say will be kept in the strictest confidence like a doctor-patient or attorney-client privilege. At the end of the interview Swati will review your questions with yourself and add any if required.

Past Life Regression

The PLR generally lasts between 45 mins-1 hr but differs from person to person. You will be comfortably settled in a bed and guided into a deep relaxed state through a verbal induction process.

A beautiful time to let go, expand your consciousness and let the magic happen! This is an exciting time for both, you & Swati because you have no idea what to expect.

You could be a King, soldier, queen, farmer, healer in your past-life…the possibilities are endless. You could also be a higher being from a different dimension.

Your ‘super-wise’ Higher-self knows, what to show you at this stage in your life and that’s where you’ll go!

Questions and Healing

After the PLR, the next stage is to call-in your amazing Subconscious (SC) or Higher-self (your all-knowing part). It is your most incredible and caring part which wants to see you win and grow each moment and wants to help you as much as it can.

The SC answers all your questions (asked by Swati) and makes connections of your current circumstances with your past-life. Guided by Swati, it then does a full ‘Bodyscan’ for energetic adjustments in your body.

Specific health issues (if you have any) are then highlighted by Swati and permission taken from the SC to heal them. If the SC feels it appropriate, it gives instant healing to yourself without any pain, medication or surgery.

You heal yourself!

Joining the Dots

After the Healing you are counted out and brought back to your awake state through verbal instructions. Some of you might feel pleasantly bewildered by what you just saw and experienced but most feel ‘crystal clear and expanded’, ‘excited & refreshed’ the moment they get up.

You then discuss your experience with Swati and what you recall of it. She helps in connecting the dots and shares her observations and understanding of your path and the way forward.

An audio recording of your session is then given to you and is recommended to be listened to regularly to gain further insights and messages for your future.

Armed with this transformational experience you are now ready to begin your new life and journey with clarity, peace and knowledge.