How does a Past-Life Regression work?

In the past life regression part of the session, we move beyond the conscious waking mind to a deeper state of awareness through the QHHT hypnosis technique.

When our minds reach the completely calming theta brainwave state, we then meet with our ‘all-knowing’ higher-self (Dolores Cannon called this part the Subconscious or the ‘SC’) which has access to ALL information that exists.

Including our past-lives, memories of past-lives that we still carry with us, who we were and where all we’ve been, what planet or dimension was our home, what our future might entail and what our true purpose and mission is for this lifetime.

What can one expect from a Past-Life Regression Reading?

Ideally, you visit 1-2 past lives (they could come forth as a visual or sensory story) and get information about the interconnectedness with the one you’re living right now.

Additionally, in this beautiful state one can also find out about what happens after death and connect with loved ones who have passed, speak to your guardian angels (everyone has one) or reach out to ascended masters with messages for humanity. There are NO limits to the kind of information that can come through but it is always around what YOU need at that moment in your life.

Swati will skillfully guide you through deeply ingrained but long repressed memories that would bring you to a new level of awareness of who you are and what path you are to take.

Prepare for a powerful transformation as you experience an unforgettable journey of your soul and discover profound lessons and teachings meant for YOU. All you need is an open mind and intent to receive information and healing.

Will it help me resolve current issues?

We have been working through similar personal challenges over lifetimes, and most times we reincarnate with the same group-souls so we can learn lessons, get over our karmic transactions with each other and grow spiritually. Re-living a past life (during regression) helps in understanding and identifying the cause of an issue or conflict with a person or environment. And once the cause is found out, the effect goes away! That’s how it works-on cause and effect.

Most times we find the reasons for our current illness or physical discomfort that have been the result of an injury centuries ago or the manifestation of a blocking belief we currently hold in a past life. Once this information comes through a past-life, the next step is the natural healing of your condition. (Read more under the healing section).