Tips for having an amazing QHHT session!

Do’s and Don’t’s

It is advised to limit or abstain from alcohol/ caffeine/related beverages a day before your appointment to initiate an amazing QHHT session. Light meditation or listening to calming music a couple of days before is also recommended.

Have a hearty meal before the appointment as the session takes anywhere between 4-5 hours.

Each QHHT session is recorded for you to hear, gain further insights and facilitate lasting healing. Carry a memory stick to take back your recording of the session. Swati can also send you a link of your recording if you prefer it that way.

What Can I Ask?

Write down your questions (between 5-7) to bring in on the day of the appointment. There is a possibility you might add more once you review them with Swati. There is no limit to what kind of questions you can ask!

Just to give you an idea of some- your questions could be around your health, decisions you want to take, your relationships/family, partners/spouses/soulmates, your pets, your career, your unexplained dreams/ incidents/sensations, your habits/addictions, your anxiety/fears/ phobias, your life purpose/mission etc.… and really, anything else you want to ask.

You can even ask about your ideal foods, nutritional and sleep requirements that will benefit you the maximum. Thinking deeply about your questions will enable an excellent session!