Private Meditation Sessions

11am, 2pm and 4pm slots available on Monday–Friday and Sundays.

Private meditation sessions available at The Nunnery. Experience Indian Meditation, Mysticism and Breathwork.

To book and for further details, email

Relax and Recharge

**Pop-up in Glen Vine**

12th May, Sunday, 5-6.30 pm, £20 pp. Limited spaces.

Set yourself up for a deeply aware and relaxing experience,  connecting with your breath and your true-self. Float into beautiful visualizations of joy, optimism and positivity.🙏💖🧿

To book and for further details, email

Reveal Your True Life Purpose

Interested in delving into your true life-purpose? Discovering ways that’ll connect the dots, of all you’ve been through till now?
Finally, moving ahead with your true calling?

Save the date – 10 May 2024

For bookings, call Jason at 01624 880318 or email